2013 Winter Training

There’s an axiom in cycling that what you do today will pay off in six months. This can be frustrating when managing your training on a daily basis, since you don’t see gains quickly. But it can be motivating when the days are short, dark and cold, knowing that the miles you lay down now will reward you with breakaway fitness come June.

It’s with this spirit that L5Flyers members have been all over the Airport Ride each Sunday during Standard Time. A mainstay of the Atlanta winter ride calendar, L5Flyers have long been a mainstay in their own right on this weekly World Championships. It’s neither unusual to have upwards of 140 riders in the peloton, nor to have 15-20 L5Flyers riders pursuing either the 50- or 70-mile option.

Team members meet at 9:40am at Outback or at the start of the ride at Peters Street in the Castleberry Hill neighborhood of downtown Atlanta. Sundays until the time changes in March.